Wrong Promotions In The Name Of ‘Rajamouli’s Way’


Director SS Rajamouli is the one who took Telugu Cinema to the national and international level. With maverick works like Eega and Baahubali series, the director managed to prove the mettle of Telugu Cinema on international platforms. With the boost up gave by Rajamouli, many other Telugu filmmakers are trying to make pan-Indian films.

But these filmmakers have failed to understand the promotional strategies of Rajamouli. The star director always starts promoting his films in Hyderabad, before he moves on to the other cities. He always gives preference to Telugu media and doesn’t ignore it by thinking that he already has a fanbase here so he doesn’t need to promote the film over here.

Now, the makers of films like Saaho and Syeraa are kickstarting their promotions in Mumbai and completely ignoring the Telugu industry and fans. By using Rajamouli’s brand, they are promoting their films in the B-Town. these strategies are bringing negative talk for the films in Telugu states.

Already, Saaho makers faced the wrath of audiences for composing the songs suitable for Bollywood audience. Even people condemned their act of promoting the film in Mumbai first. Now, Syeraa team followed the same path and launched the teaser in Mumbai itself. The films are getting a negative talk due to these silly attempts by the makers. They should stop promoting the film in Mumbai and focus on giving respect and priority to Telugu audience first.

The result of this is already witnessed in the Telugu states. On the birthday of Megastar, there is absolutely no or less talking about the film’s teaser and it feels like the teaser does not belong here.

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