Young Heroine’s Bikini Wishes Bags Criticism!


Sizzling beauty Sara Ali Khan often posts her family pictures on social media and it is not a new thing as many celebrities do. She uploaded the pictures of herself with family from the vacation she went for a few weeks ago. As they were at the beachside, Sara was seen in a bikini which attracted a lot of attention.

While some people were amazed by her beauty, some others started to criticize her for her revealing costumes. The actress never took them seriously and went ahead with her career.

She recently wished her brother on his birthday and attached a pictures of both of them together posing by the poolside. Sara giving birthday wishes to her brother with a bikini pic is drawing a lot of criticism as many people are trying to moral police her on what to wear and what not to when she is standing beside her brother. As usual, the comment section is divided into two sections who spread hate on her and who support her.

Sara Ali Khan would have never thought there her bikini clicks will become a hot topic of discussion and now we need to see how her next uploads are going to be. Is she going to follow her heart or just follow the moral policing people who are dead set on ‘civilizing’ the society.

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