Young Hero’s Attitude Damages His Own Film!


He is a young hero known for his no holds barred attitude and behavior. He is just a few films old in Tollywood. He speaks in film events as he speaks with his friends on a Saturday night. His attitude brought him near to a set of audience and most of the audience are disliking this behavior.

His film got released recently. Produced by a bankable hero and aided by the youngster’s bold attitude, the film had decent hype over it. Despite the low budget, the film did good business and thanks to the positive talk, the movie entered the profit zone. The film was sold for three and a half crores and it brought back 5 crores. But there is a talk in the industry that the film would have earned more had the young hero kept a filter on his mouth. They suggest that he may reach greater heights if he manages to tone down his overaction levels.

Also, this hero is not getting a good reception from the Andhra region. Getting stuck in a particular image is affecting this hero and people are saying that it is better if this hero comes out of his comfort zone and attempts films that have a universal appeal. Let us see if this hero learns his lesson or continues with his overaction.

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