Zero buzz on Aviri


Talented filmmaker Ravi babu is having some tough time off-late. None of his recent films worked at the box-office. This actor-director who once made hits like ‘Anasuya’, ‘Allari’, ‘Avunu’ and ‘Amaravathi’ is struggling to get some decent hype over his next release, ‘Aviri’
This horror film is releasing today and most of the moviegoers are not aware of it and are surprised to hear that it is hitting the screens today.his explains the poor publicity strategies used by the team. Earlier, Ravi Babu used to collaborate with ‘Suresh productions’ and all his films got a decent buzz and a good number of theatres. He joined hands with Dil Raju for the first time for ‘Aviri’ and things have not gone well for him till now.

Also, his last few films like ‘Adugo’, ‘Avunu 2’ and ‘Laddu Babu’ disappointing the audience to the core, made them lose hope on his latest flick. One could do nothing but pity him for his situation and hope that he bounces back.

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