Concept Design of Facebook Phone


According to the recent rumors, Facebook is prepping its own smartphone. Some sources claim that the company is in the process of recruiting hardware engineers for a device that is expected to be launched by 2013. However, we don’t know when the Facebook Phone will hit the market.

Designer Michal Bonikowski has created a concept of this phone on Yanko Design to give us an idea on how it could look like. It features a sleek case with the blue signature of Facebook. The device is made of metal and it has a 4.2 inch display. It has an 8 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front facing camera. He has included a docking station to charge the device in the design.

In 2010, Facebook was reported to work on a smartphone. The sources claimed that the initiative was stopped in between due to some development issues. In April, HTC and Facebook were reported to be working together to develop a social network centric device codenamed Buffy. In May, it was reported that Facebook is recruiting former Apple engineers to build the hardware for the smartphone.