HTC Amaze 4G gets Android ICS update


HTC consumers can feel excited about the announcement of ICS updates for its popular gadgets. HTC Amaze 4G is the latest in the HTC mobiles line up to receive the ICS update. Last device to receive the same was HTC Sensations 4G by this month half. This gives a hint like HTC will be upgrading all their popular gadgets to the most advanced OS.

Most likely, all the Amaze 4G users will get a notification over the air or through WiFi connectivity indicating the availability of the ICS update. Suppose you have not received it, the update can be manually accessed and updated. The most important factor to make sure before receiving the update is that the mobile battery level should be at least above 50 percent. This is to ensure that no update failure happens in between due to low battery.

The features upon update will be comparatively same as with the HTC Sensation 4G. You can experience an advanced interface with user friendly features with this update. The user interface gets enhanced with Sense 3.6 features. You will be able to experience system bar enhancements so that recently used apps can be viewed easily.

Another important feature with this ICS update includes addition of re-sizeable widgets. There will be a lot of new user friendly lock screen actions also. This includes adjusting volume and pulling down notifications even when the screen is locked. You can also benefit from flexible data usage controls.

Face unlock feature and home screen folder options are other important options made available with this ICS update. The most advanced and notable feature that can be enjoyed with the latest ICS update is the improvement in battery life. There will be a lot of enhanced features like improved text input and also spell checking ability too.

Improved menu structure is yet another important feature that can be enjoyed with the ICS update. With the addition of this Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, HTC Amaze 4G is expected to amaze the users much more adding user experience to the impressive feature list. This is sure to improve the popularity of this HTC handset. Along with user experience, users can expect good stable performance too.

HTC Amaze 4G owners can feel privileged that the latest and most advanced operating system is making its way to their handsets too. HTC fans can expect this update to happen in other handset models soon.