Jaybird new sportsband headphone


Jaybird has launched a trendy headphone in the shape of sportsband. This will be a standalone product in the music market with its 80s style design combined with a sleek and modern look. Its warranty against sweat makes this sportsband headphone quite unique and impressive too.

The glossy plastic materials included in the design of this headphone give it a shiny appearance as well. It is made in such a way as to resist smudges and also fingerprints. This headphone is highly adjustable to make it fit over any heads. All navigational controls with this Jaybird headphone are found on one side. This includes volumes controls like volume up and also volume down. Track controls are included like track forward and also track reverse. Other controls included are pause, play and also a call connection option.

Key features of Jaybird new sports band headphone:

  •     Flexible overhead band
  •     Concealed charging point
  •     Moisture resistant button controls
  •     Aluminium size adjusters
  •     Music Play Time of 8 Hrs
  •     Bluetooth connectivity
  •     Weight of 106 g
  •     Dimension of 160 x 150 x 30mm
  •     Talk Time of 11 Hrs
  •     Standby Time of 250 Hrs
  •     250 mAh Lithium Polymer battery
  •     Impedance of 32 Ohm
  •     Frequency Band of 2.4 GHz
  •     Response Bandwidth of 20-20000Hz
  •     Charging Time of 2.5 hr

Jaybird sportsband headphone comes with a concealed microphone which helps users to easily transit to a call while listening to music. Its internal battery can be charged with the help of a proprietary port through any USB port. It also features cushions which make it comfortable to use without feeling tight. The sound coming out of the two speakers gives comfort to users without creating any irritation.

Jaybird sportsband headphone has a good battery life as well. It offers comparatively good music listening time and talk time. This headphone can pair up to two devices. Its comparable weight makes it comfortable for use for a pretty long time. Its ear pads are also really comfortable. The physical attributes of this sportsband is also quite interesting.

A good audio listening experience is assured by this Jaybird sportsband headphone. This sportsband headset can be purchased at a price of around Rs.5,000/-. This sportsband headphone will be available in a wide variety of colours like red, black and white etc. We have come across many Bluetooth headsets in the early days. But by the shape and appearance, this sportsband headphone will surely be a unique gadget in the music market for sure.