Nokia fans in India lament death of a brand


nokia mircrosoftNokia was one of the few brands, especially in India, that could match the emotional connect Apple had with its consumers. Now this brand is gone. While full details are still awaited, there is a strong possibility that the world may never see a Nokia phone again. And Nokia fans, who feel they have an emotional connect with the brand, are not happy.

According to the deal between Microsoft and Nokia, the software giant is buying the devices and services division of the Finnish company. It is not buying Nokia brand. But Lumia and Asha brands are changing hands.

Nokia will continue to be a separate company and it will have full rights on “Nokia” branding. But it may never make a phone again.

For Clinton Jeff, a blogger who started writing about phones because he fell in love with his Nokia N95 in 2006, the announcement of Microsoft-Nokia deal broke his heart. “We knew it was coming. But it was still a surprise. It still makes me very sad… what the heck! Nokia had started coming back in the game. They were doing good in the low-end of the smartphone market,” said Jeff, who blogs at

Dhruv Bhutani, another blogger who started writing about technology because he loved his Nokia phones too much, has the same sentiments. “You grow up with a brand, see it becoming the world leader. You start off your career because of that brand. And then see it slowly die out… (it) doesn’t feel very good,” he said.

Jeff said that while Microsoft would make phones that would be similar to what Nokia was producing, he don’t think many people would get the save vibes from those products.

“Nokia was one of top brands in India. It was trusted. People don’t think about Microsoft in the same way. They associate it with Windows, Internet Explorer and that kind of stuff and not with solid phones,” said Jeff. “I am sure we will see Nokia-like features and design in phones made under Microsoft branding but they won’t have the same emotional appeal, not at least me.”

Judging from the reactions to Microsoft-Nokia deal on Twitter, this sentiment was shared by many.

“F**k the business sense behind it. I am too bummed for the personal touch & identity which Nokia had. That’s why it was special,” wrote Yash Maheswari, another blogger who often reviewed Nokia devices.

Narendra Kumar, who describes himself as a gadget freak on his Twitter page, summed it aptly. “Sad day for all Nokia fans. No more Nokia Now,” he tweeted.