Nokia Lumia 920 vs Sony Xperia Z vs BB Z10 vs HTC Butterfly


Nokia-Lumia-920-vs-Sony-XpeThe battle is getting fierce as almost all the leading phone manufacturers have rolled out their flagship phones. All those consumers out there who have saved cash for buying the best phone are in a dilemma, as there are 4 phones in the same price range that outrun the others in one aspect or the other. So here is a comparison that will help you to choose from among these 4 phones – Lumia 920, Xperia Z, BB Z10 and the HTC Butterfly.

Let us look at the OS first. The most popular OS being Android, Xperia Z and HTC Butterfly surely have an edge over the other two. But choosing an OS depends on various factors and some people do like the WIndows Phone 8 OS.

If your friends and colleagues use Android OS, then it is a wise decision to go for Android OS rather than sticking on to an OS that no one in your neighbourhood uses. At least by that way, you could enjoy some multiplayer games as well as use various sharing options.

Moving on to the camera, Xperia Z is a hands down winner as it has a whopping 13 megapixel snapper that will blow your mind.

In case of screen size, if you don’t want a big 5-inch thing in your pocket, the BB Z10 is a safe option. It does have all the features and is fitted on to a 4.2 inch screen.

Among the phones, reading a PDF or text document can be most elegantly done if you are using the Lumia 920. It has the clear black display that is soothing to your eyes if you are into mobile reading.

Technically, the Sony Xperia Z is far more advanced than all the others as it is dust proof, water proof, offers higher resolution and has 2GB of RAM. The processing capabilities of the Xperia Z is also unparallel.

Among the phones, the HTC Butterfly is the most expensive although it doesn’t have any special features other than HTC’s brand name when compared to other phones we are comparing here.

In short, if you want to read stuff on your phone, go for Lumia 920. If you want a phone with all the features and smaller size, go for BB Z10 and if you want the best smartphone out there, then definitely go for the Xperia Z. The prices and launch dates of these mighty smartphones in India are as follows:

Sony Xperia Z         : Rs.37,990 ( launched on 12th March 2013)

Nokia Lumia 920    : Rs. 35,299 ( launched on 11th January 2013)

Blackberry Z10       : Rs. 34,990 ( launched on 25th February 2013)

HTC Butterfly         : Rs. 45,900 ( release date yet to be known)