Spice Flo Me M 6868N Dual SIM phone


Spice is out with their advanced value-for-money mobile device, Flo Me – M 6868n which is a touchscreen handset. The capacitive touchscreen 3.5 inches big is quite impressive for a low budget handset like Flo Me – M 6868n. Youngsters who would like to experience technology rich features without loosing much money from the pocket can choose this Spice handset. Name of the model seems little out of the common man’s world.

With this gadget, applications can be run about 33 percent faster using 312 MHZ CPU. You will be able to keep your handset charged for a pretty long time with the help of an 1150 mAh battery. A 3.2 megapixel camera is quite reasonable for a handset of this price range. The handset offers a good interface with Cosmos UI.

This phone has pre installed social network applications like Facebook and also multimedia features which boost up the entertainment experience. Social media and music are two features which Indian young generation will treasure and they will get both in this handset.

Connectivity options enabled in this gadget include Wi-Fi. You can enjoy music and also be informed with what is happening around the world with the help of FM Radio feature with this handset.

Video players and audio players which support several formats will be good news for entertainment lovers. Apart from all entertainment features, this handset will be an asset to your official work as well. Push mail feature could be quite useful in this context.

Spice Flo Me has options like expandable memory as well. The phone comes with dual SIM capability. You can make use of this facility if there is a big friends circle. Business people who needs to store a lot of contacts and needs a supportive number at emergency situations can benefit from this dual SIM option with Spice Flo Me.

Spice has made this handset available in Indian handset market through 50,000 retail points. This user friendly full touch screen handset can be owned by spending a handsome amount of Rs.3,900/-. Spice as a brand is always known for providing feature rich phones at affordable cost to general Indian consumers. The new model is also not an exception to this Spice strategy and it provides rich features and touch phone experience to mass consumers.

Spice Flo Me – M 6868N will be an ideal choice for youngsters who were waiting for a cheap handset with comparable specs, good multimedia experience and a stylish appearance.