Yahoo acquired Tumblr makes founder, loyal staff wealthier


Yahoo’s just acquired Tumblr would make its founder and loyal staff richer by millions. Yahoo acquired the blogging site recently through a 1.1 billion dollar deal with Tumblr founder David Karp. He owns 25 percent of the company and would receive 209 million dollars along with stocks in Yahoo, besides his existing 200 million dollar fortune. reports that investors Union Square Ventures and Boston-based Spark Capital are expected to receive a 1423 percent return for investing 35,00,000 dollars back in 2007. This means they would receive 198 million dollars each.

Tumblr’s staff of 178 members is expected to divide 66 million dollars amongst themselves with an average of 371,000 dollars each, depending upon time of joining. The first thirty employees will get an average payout of 3.6 million dollars each, while the first ten employees may get 6.2 million dollars each. The newer employees are expected to get healthy bonuses.

Tumblr’s former president John Maloney tweeted it as an emotional day, saying that he too has purchased Yahoo stocks. The report further added that PriviCo expects 2014 to be the year of ”Tumblr Mafia” as the alumni of the former company would be investing in the acquiring company’s stocks.