Panchatantram పంచతంత్రం by Tadanki Lakshmi Narasimharao


Panchatantram పంచతంత్రం by Tadanki Lakshmi Narasimharao


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The Panchatantra (IAST: Pañcatantra, Sanskrit: पञ्चतन्त्र, “Five Treatises”) is an ancient Indian collection of interrelated animal fables in Sanskrit verse and prose, arranged within a frame story. The surviving work is dated to roughly 200 BCE, based on older oral tradition. The text’s author is unknown, but has been attributed to Vishnu Sharma in some recensions and Vasubhaga in others, both of which may be pen names. It is classical literature in a Hindu text,and based on older oral traditions with “animal parables that are as old as we are able to imagine”.

It is “certainly the most frequently translated literary product of India”,and these stories are among the most widely known in the world.It goes by many names in many cultures. There is a version of Panchatantra in nearly every major language of India, and in addition there are 200 versions of the text in more than 50 languages around the world.One version reached Europe in the 11th century.To quote Edgerton (1924)