5 Things For Back Pain Relief


Back-Pain-ReliefThere are several reasons why we visit a doctor, but research shows almost 80% of the people visit a doctor with lower back pain. Let’s face it! We all are human beings and we all have aches in different parts of our body. Reasons can be many and can vary for the cause of back pain, expert doctors cite stress as one of the important reasons. Other reasons like improper posture, bad ergonomics and poor sleeping habits may also cause back pain.

It is imperative that you take good care to cure back pain. Back pain can be treated conservatively, say experts. Isn’t it good news? However, lower back pain can cause wearing and tearing of tissues that happens with aging. Back pain can be prevented by doing simple things and it is absolutely effortless. Spend some time to practice these simple techniques and you get relief back pain.

Life is getting too busy, and we don’t find time even for our daily tasks, when this is the situation, visiting a doctor and spending hours in the doctor’s clinic can be cumbersome. The good thing about back pain is that you can feel alright, even if you don’t visit a doctor.

Here are a few things you can try to cure back pain and prevent further problems in future.

Good night and sleep tight

A good night’s sleep can give relief back pain. Back pain is also caused by lack of proper sleep. A peaceful sleep will repair all the torn muscles and cure the inflamed joints. Take care that you sleep on a good bed. A bed that is hard may also cause pain on your body. So choose a good bed to sleep and try sleeping in different positions. Find out the position you are comfortable with. Try not to sleep with a curved spine.

Proper Vitamins

The next thing you need to do to cure back pain is to take adequate vitamins. Vitamin B should be taken in considerable amount to relief back pain. Vitamin B is one that supports the central nervous system and the one that improves immunity in the body. People with back pain may also try adding omega-3 fatty acids to their diet.

Fitness is the key

The best ways to cure back pain is to stay fit. Weak abdominal and back muscles are the ones that cause pain. To stay fit, exercise everyday and also try practicing yoga. Exercises help the muscles to stretch and relax to a greater extent. Cure back pain spending a few minutes taking a small walk in your garden or doing aerobics. This may relax your mind too.

Kick out the Smoke

Everyone might have heard “Smoking is injurious to health”. So kick off your smoking habit to cure back pain. Your smoking habit may also cause other ailments like lung disorder, heart diseases, hyper tension etc., Research studies shows that people who smoke are more prone to back pain compared to non smokers. It is found that the nicotine found in cigarettes contributed more to the back pain.

Hence to cure back pain, it is better you kick out your smoking habit.

A back massage

A good massage at your lower back can cure back pain and relief back pain. You may need to shell out a few bucks on this, so fill your pocket with money first. The best way to do this if your wallet is not that heavy is to take a tennis ball and massage it against your sores. You will find the magic working on you. Try the above tips and get rid of back pain with ease.