9 Ways To Prevent Heart Attack


Prevent-Heart-AttackHeart disease develops due to certain risk factors which originated from Framingham Heart Study. According to this study, people with hypertension, diabetes or with smoking habits are more prone to developing heart diseases. In a recent study known as inter heart study in which more 50 thousand patients from 55 countries were studied. It was found that 90 percent of the heart disease could be explained by nine coronary risk factors. These are smoking, Dyslipidemia, obesity, hypertension, lack of fruit and vegetables, lack of exercise, intake of alcohol, psycho- social factors. In order to lower the risk of developing the heart disease one needs to control all these factors and change the lifestyle to lead a healthy life ahead. You can achieve that by quitting smoking,maintaining a healthy weight and exercising regularly. To know more how you can prevent heart attack watch this video.