Eating This Will Boost Sperm Quality


Sexual reproduction is the main problem faced by Indian men. People still see it as taboo and feel shy and uncomfortable to speak about it. Reproduction problems occur mainly due to the lack of quality in sperm cells. While sexual experts can cure this partially, food habits play a vital role here. The junk food and spicy food we consume more has to be blamed here. We are in the 21st century now but still, topics like sex and sexual problems were considered taboo. Most of the sexologists say that eating good and healthy food might help in overcoming issues like this. But there is still no proper evidence to confirm this till now.

Still, people feel embarrassed to visit a sexologist for their problems. Our society, friends, and relatives look at you differently after knowing that we have sexual problems. First of all, we have to change our mindsets and stop seeing sexual problems as disabilities. Lack of quality in the sperm cells in men is just a problem, not a disability.

The latest study has found out that eating Tomatoes will increase the quality of sperm cells in men. The researchers at Sheffield University in England have found that ‘lactolycopene’ in Tomatoes will help in increasing the quality of sperm. They said that lactolycopene has increased the mobility of sperm cells by 40m. By eating more Tomatoes reproduction problems in men will be decreased. The research was done on men aging between 19-30. Though the sample size is small they got good results in their research.

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