Things Couples Do On Facebook


couple-on-facebookOne of the common ways couples today interact is with the help of the friendly social networking site Facebook. There are tons of couples who make known to the world every detail of their personal lives by sharing with their friends what they are doing with their partner. And to us hapless people in their friends circle, this can get quite annoying.

There are more than a million couples who post something or the other on Facebook letting the world know about their relationship status. Though this may seem fascinating for the couple, there are a lot of people who wish they can mute their relationship on Facebook for sometime. The things couples do on Facebook can be interesting at first, but soon they can make you want to take them off your friends’ list!

FB Advice For You To Follow

All you need to do is log into your account and read through some of the posts that your couple friends have updated. We asure you that you’ll give up even before you reach the tenth post. Mushy couples can be utterly annoying with their lovey dovey confessions and messages.

We have complied a few things couples do on Facebook that we find very annoying. Take a look at some of them:

Aggressive Statements

When couples have a fight, the only way to get through to their partner is by posting something aggressive on their wall. The aggressive statements that some of the couples post on Facebook can be quite tormenting to the third person reading the post.

Every Spent Moment

This is one of the things couples do on Facebook that can be really annoying. Posting a picture or updating a status every moment spent with each other can be a turmoil for those who are single and in search for love. Don’t you think so?


You might have come across this a lot on Facebook. Most couples think it’s fun to inundate our timelines with countless selfies of them in various poses. Is there anything more annoying that couples on Facebook can do?

Overdose Of Smileys

If you happen to see a post on Facebook from a girl to her boyfriend, you will not have the time to count the zillion smiley faces on the post. If you are a friend to a couple and if you happen to scroll down your Facebook home page, you will not fail to run into a massive post with tons of smileys and an expressive update of how she is confessing her love to her man.

Check-In Updates

Facebook check-in updates is one of the most common and annoying things couples do on Facebook. If the couple visits three places in a day, all of them are updated on the wall. It is time couples put an end to this highly irksome habit.

Love Notes

Annoying love notes on the wall is one of the most common things couples do on Facebook. These love notes at times run into paras, which can be torture for the rest of us whose timelines get clogged with these sickeningly sweet love notes! If you are in a relationship and have been doing any of these things mentioned above, for the sake of humanity, try to be less annoying, at least on Facebook!