Tips to keep your kitchen cool in hot summers


kitchen-cool-in-hot-summersKeeping kitchen cool during hot summers is a big challenge. You might opt for several measures to stay cool – morning walks, change in wardrobe, ordering lunch from restaurants – but the warm kitchen walls undo all your efforts to keep the heat at bay. Making some changes in your kitchen can help you save energy and also keep you cool in this hot summer.

Here are a few tips from Delhi-based Interior designer Poonam Kaalra:

1.    Kitchen should be spacious and ventilated. Do not place refrigerator in kitchen. If you have refrigerator in kitchen, try shifting elsewhere.

2.    Use light paints for the kitchen walls. Avoid red, black or grey colours in kitchen. Use light colours in the cabinets, storage area and three walls. You can decorate the fourth wall according to your choice.

3.    The traditional Indian cooking involves spices. You must, therefore, ensure that the kitchen has at least two windows and an exhaust fan to help in free flow of fresh air in and out of the room.
4.    If your kitchen has enough space, balcony or lawn, utilize it by placing a cooler.

5.     Avoid keeping dining table inside the kitchen during summers.

6.    If there is no AC in your home, get a ceiling fan installed in the kitchen.  Ensure that the direction of the fan is not towards the gas stove.

7.    Grow some bottle plants on the windows of the kitchen. This will purify air and it will help in keeping the kitchen fresh.

8.    Clean exhaust fan and windows regularly to avoid rusting.

Dietician Dr Sunita Roy Chowdhury says, “Cucumber, salads, corn juice, muskmelon seeds, mango shake, sprouts, brown bread, yogurt, butter milk and tofu are a must have in the kitchen. During summers, you must increase the intake of Khas and mint. ”

Cooking tips:

1.    Opting for meals like salads, fruits, sandwiches, boiled eggs, bread, cheese and milk shake are fun to make and require no cooking.

2.    Cut vegetables into smaller and equal sizes for faster cooking.

3.    Cover the food while cooking or opt for cooking in a pressure cooker.

4.    Take vegetables out of the fridge half an hour before cooking.

5.    Instead of using oven, use appliances like microwave, slow cooker, toaster oven, and indoor grill to cook.

6.    Cooking in lawn is also a fun idea. Get outside and fire up the grill, or sandwich toaster. This keeps your kitchen cool in the summer.

7.    Avoid the boiled food intake in summer as it raises temperature of the kitchen area.