Tips To Wear The Right Bra In Pregnancy


During pregnancy, your entire body goes through various changes. As your baby bump grows, the size of your breast also grows. You may not be able to keep up with the increase in your bra size appropriately. A feeling of suffocation and breathlessness during pregnancy constantly hits you that you need new bras. So, it is very important that you choose the right bra during pregnancy.

Not only you will be comfortable with the right bra, but also make sure that the bra does not obstruct your bodily changes. You will put on weight during pregnancy and thus your bra size will increase. But apart for the extra fat, the pregnancy also stimulate your breasts to grow larger. Therefore, you need pregnancy bra with increased cup size as well.

Your bra size will keep changing during pregnancy, you cannot keep buying new lingerie every month. So be sensible and choose the right kind of bras for your pregnancy. You need not start shopping maternity bras right away. The maternity bras are usually needed when you are nursing. Here are some attributes you must keep in mind before you choose your bras during pregnancy.

Loose Bras

As soon as you find out that you are expecting, look for some old bras that were little loose for you. These bras will be soft due to many washes and make you feel comfortable.

Stretchable Bras

Stretchable Bras Do not wear padded or under-wired bras during pregnancy. Try to wear bras that are made of stretchable material to accommodate your rapidly bloating form.

Don’t Wear Bras At Home

Don’t Wear Bras At Home Your breasts needs to breathe a little and being held up all day in tight bras is very suffocating. When you are at home try going without a bra, especially when you are heavily pregnant.

Bra Extenders

When you are pregnant, you start putting on weight around your midriff. This means your old bras are going to fall short. Attach bra extenders to them. Bra extenders are extra strap of hooks that help you increase the length of your bra.

Larger Cup Size

As you reach your second trimester, the pregnancy hormones will make your breasts swell. At this time, you will need lingerie with larger cup sizes.

Wider Straps

Don’t wear bras that have very thin straps. The strap cuts into skin and can also cause allergies. Wear bras with wider straps because they are more stable.

Support Bras

You don’t want your breasts to sag during your pregnancy. So wear light bras that provide your breasts with a solid support and keep them firm.

Maternity Bra

Once you reach your 8th or 9th month, you can start shopping for maternity bras that will help even when you are nursing your baby.

Padded Tops

When you are at the end of your pregnancy term, your extra large size make it very difficult for you to wear bras even if they are loose. You can try wearing padded top and dresses to be comfortable during this time.