Top 5 summer food


Summer-FoodWith the unbearable Indian summers and rise of temperature almost every day, the diet must go hand-in-hand for beating the heat. Here are top five, most useful summer lookouts that must be in your diet:
1. Red onions: Red onions should be added to green salads because they help in beating heat rashes, hay fever etc. They contain high levels of quercetin, a natural antihistamine which can calm any adverse reactions.

2. Bio-yoghurt: Illness due to spoilt food, bad food is most during summers. So intake of bio yoghurt will pump out bacteria, reducing the risk of food poisoning.

3. Summer fruits: Add more fruits to your diet. Summer fruits help in keeping up the fluid in your body which gets lost due to perspirations. Very often the body gets dehydrated, so having a healthy breakfast with fruit salads or summer special fruits are a perfect way to reduce dehydration.

4. Mint: If you are down by heat weather, switch over to mint-tea. This will have a cooling effect in your body, help in digestion and help you to stay cool for a longer time.

5. Banana: Bananas are the best to fit-in for snacks, or during those moments when you crave for sweets. The best source for potassium helps to regulate fluid lost due to sweating during summers.