50 Farmers Reached Varanasi, Only 26 Filed Nominations!


As many as 170-odd Farmers filed their nominations in Nizamabad and even contested the Lok Sabha Polls in the First Phase. The Turmeric Farmers of Nizamabad didn’t have a smooth ride when they decided to implement the same formula in Varanasi Lok Sabha Constituency.

About 50 Farmers got ready to file their nominations in Varanasi but only 26 of them managed to submit the papers to the Returning Officer in the constituency represented by PM Narendra Modi. Farmers faced difficulties in obtaining the support of Locals. Each Candidate will have to obtain the support of 10 locals and pay Rs 25,000.

Due to political pressures, Several Locals didn’t show the courage to support the Farmers as per the assurance given by them. So, Only 26 Farmers managed to complete the nomination process successfully.

Nizamabad Farmers have been demanding establishment of Turmeric Board just alike there is Tobacco Board. They believe having an exclusive board for Turmeric will help them attain better returns on farm produce.

Two Activists from AP filed their nominations in Varanasi to highlight the fluorosis issue and necessity to complete Veligonda Project.

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