50 Pandemic Patients Cremated In Hyderabad!


The ongoing pandemic is ringing danger bells in India with the virus spreading rapidly. Mainly, the situation in Telugu states is turning out to be worse from bad raising many fears.

Adding more fears, some media reports reported the prevailing situations in Telangana which pointed out the prevailing situations in the state due to the deadly outbreak of the disease.

If we have anything to do with the information provided by the media reports, 50 pandemic patients were cremated in Hyderabad alone which is quite scary.

These media reported raised many questions on the situation in the state that if 50 bodies were cremated in only one city what will be count in the entire state.

However, there is no official information in this regard. Since time, the Telangana High Court has been slamming the TS government for not providing accurate data on the situation in the health bulletin.