85 Indian Students Sent SOS To Government Fearing COVID-19


With the deadly coronavirus spreading t many parts of the world, around 85 Indian students who were stranded in the Italian town that was hit by the coronavirus have sent an SOS seeking evacuation at the earliest.

All these students were struct in the university town of Pavia in the Lombardy region of North Italy for a week now. It has been widely reported that 17 deaths were reported in the region

Reportedly, some of the students had booked their flights to India and the flights got cancelled with the rising coronavirus deaths.

A panic situation erupted in the region after a non-teaching faculty member of the University of Pavia’s engineering department tested positive for the deadly COVID-19. Reportedly around 15 staff members of the institution have been quarantined.

Some of the students said that the situation had turned out to be worst with the grocery shops near them are fast running out of stocks. They added that they have requested the Indian government to help them.

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