A Man Blackmails Victim Using Assault Video


While we are still unable to get out of the pain that the Nirbhaya convicts were still not executed one more barbaric incident took place in Hyderabad which says that women have also turned stone-hearted like men in some gruesome incidents.

Going into detail, a Hyderabadi woman who resides in Kokapet used to stay in America. She became friends with a person called Sanjeev Reddy on Facebook and later used to talk on phones too.

When the lady returned to Hyderbad from America in 2018 Sanjeev Reddy went to receive her and dropped her home. From then they used to meet regularly.

Sanjeev Reddy invited her to a restaurant and gave her a drink in which drugs were mixed. After the lady lost her conscious he took her to his house and sexually assaulted her with the help of his wife.

While he was sexually assaulting her, his wife recorded the entire act and his nephews helped her. The victim who gave 50 lakhs money and jewelry to the man when he blackmailed her with the video approached the cops and they were arrested.

In recent times these sorts of issues are in rising as recently a woman let her friend rape her daughter as the woman is having some issue with her daughter. Now situations are at a level that women cannot trust even her own family members.

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