A new innovative method to protect the historic structure


The Uttar Pradesh government has taken the initiative to protect the Taj Mahal. A new idea was prepared to preserve the historic structure. The airline has introduced air purifiers to clean the surrounding area and air in the area.

The air purifier van deployed by the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) can purify 15 lakh cubic meter air in eight hours within a 300-meter radius, officials said. Vodafone-Idea has also come up with the iconic telecoms companies as part of social responsibility. However, the pollution at the Taj Mahal is high.

At present, there is no continuous air monitoring station around the Taj Mahal to calculate the AQI. However, there is a monitoring station at Sanjay Palace in the city which showed AQI of 293 at 4 pm on Sunday, according to the Central Pollution Control Board, an AQI between 2011-300 is considered poor and it causes breathing problems to the people.

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