Anand Mahindra’s Hilarious Smart Wife Post


Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra is known for not just business acumen but the way he stays in touch with public constantly using Social Media effectively. Unlike other Business Tycoon, He keeps sharing his views on various topics on the public platform Twitter. The recent post of this Businessman brought a smile on who ever had seen it. What’s that all about?

Anand Mahindra shared an article about a Man who pretended to be deaf and dumb for 62 years so as to avoid listening to his Wife. He claimed to have laughed non-stop for 5 minutes reading this article and asked his Wife if he could have fooled her like this.

Mahindra’s Wife Anuradha replied: ‘Really? Would you have lasted 5 minutes without speaking into you cellphone?’.

And then, Mahindra commented: ‘Aah, The perils of having a smart wife!’.

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