Andhra Biryani Served To China President, What Will Be KCRs Reaction


During the time of Telangana Agitation, KCR made outrageous comments on Andhra People that Andhra People have defrauded Telangana and insulted its language, accent, and culture. Not only that, after he became CM, news came out claiming that the Andhra People should move from Telangana. With this many people from places like Miyapur and Kukatpally left to Andhra selling their houses and flats. This lead to a huge dip in the income of the real estate.

KCR, who constantly claims that we are humiliated by Andhra people never left a single opportunity to show his hatred on them. He makes use of every situation he gets to insult or comment on them. He hurt people of Andhra by describing Andhra Biryani as dung. Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping is in Tamil Nadu as part of his Indian tour.

Interestingly, Andhra Biryani is also there in the menu specially prepared for the dinner for Jin Ping. Andhra people keeping KCR ‘s comments about their food in mind now making comments, how can they serve dung(Andhra biryani) to the president of a country.

Netizens are making comments after knowing this news on how KCR will react to this news. It is not wrong to brag about ourselves, if you cannot praise others at least you should not make statements that hurt others.

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