Another Scam In The Name Of God!


Kalki Bhagwan’s original name was Vijay Kumar (70). He previously worked as a clerk at LIC. In the 1980s, an ashram school named ‘Jeevashramam’ was opened. It was later renamed as ‘Oneness University’. Attracted devotees from overseas. Padmavati and her son Krishna run the ashram together as a trust. There are many disputes over the Kalki Bhagwan Ashram.

The Income Tax Department on Friday announced that it has identified assets worth about Rs 500 crores in its ashrams, offices, and residences in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai. The lawsuits are still ongoing. Officers seized Rs 43.9 crore in cash and another $18 crores in cash.

Another Rs 26 crore worth 88 kg of gold and five crores worth of diamonds were also found. Kalki Bhagwan’s business has expanded in several countries for tax evasion, including China, the US, Singapore, and the UAE, according to the Income Tax Department. Kalki Bhagwan and his son are looking at these transactions.

According to the IT department, the total number of illicit revenues amounted to Rs 409 crores since the 2014-15.

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