AP Government To Issue Aadhar For Cattle?


If the media reports have to be believed, the Animal Husbandry department in AP has implemented a new scheme. The department has decided to provide Aadhar cards for the cattle. The scheme will be implemented with the help of the Central government. The cattle will be given E-tags of Aadhar cards. Reportedly, with this scheme cattle business can be done from India. The E-Tag enables Online trading too.

By scanning the code all the information of the cattle appears on the screen. The codes will be linked to the Eenaf app. In the app details like when the battle has to be given injections, evaluation of the calves, when will the delivery happen, how many liters of milk will the cattle give, how long will it give, what diseases do the cattle have will be uploaded.

Through the app, we can find out all the above details. Even if any cattle went missing, we can find out the whereabouts of them. Let’s see how this new scheme will help the government in counting the cattle.

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