BJP Ex-MLA Calls Kumaraswamy A Buffalo


Politics in Karnataka is soon descending to the lowest levels. The candidates are crossing all limits of decency while criticising rivals. Unfortunately, the criticism is stooping to personal attacks and snide comments about looks and attire.

A former BJP MLA has likened Kumaraswami to a buffalo and said no amount of washing can improve his colour and complexion. He made these nasty remarks in retaliation to Karnataka CM’s comments that Modi always carries a makeup kit with him. This makeup kit will help him look fresh all through the day, he had said. Responding to this, former MLA Raju Kage said Modi looks fresh because he is fair complexioned. Even if Kumaraswami bathes a hundred times, he would still look like a buffalo,” he said.

Let’s wait and see how low political discourse can get.

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