BJP’s Master Plan To Finish Off TDP


One characteristic of Narendra Modi is that he never forgets and forgives. He has not forgiven anyone who opposed him within the party. Naturally, there is no way that his outside critics would be spared, much less Chandrababu Naidu, who heaped invectives on him and tried to mobilise all the parties against Modi.

If sources are to be believed, Modi has not forgotten what Chandrababu did to him. So, he is said to be readying up a six-month plan for AP. In six months, the BJP would be revived in Andhra Pradesh and the TDP would be completely marginalised. The lynchpin of the plan is to build a perception that the days of the Telugu Desam Party are over. Thus, 16 of the MLAs would be lured out of the TDP and they would merge in the BJP. This means, the TDP legislature party would be merged into the BJP. Thus Modi will do to the TDP in AP what KCR is doing to the Congress in Telangana. The TDP will be made to struggle for its existence. The TDP would be pushed to the third of fourth position in AP and the BJP would emerge as the alternative to the YSRCP.

The trailer of this master strategy is being shown in Anantapur, where the BJP is trying to lure every TDP leader into the party. The national BJP leaders are in touch with the TDP leaders in Anantapur. So expect more high voltage action and more twists and turns in AP in the coming days.

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