Bomb Threat For Air India Flight..Emergency Landing!


An Air India Passenger Plane from Mumbai to Newark made an emergency landing at London Statnsted Airport after the Mumbai Airport received a bomb threat. Flight AI 191 was escorted by British Fighter Jets to land in London as a precautionary measure.

Air India Plane was at an isolated stand with Essex Police in attendance. The Bomb Threat call received by the Mumbai Airport proved to be a hoax call.

After the Officials reached a conclusion that there is no threat to anyone’s safety, The runway was re-opened and kept fully operational. An inquiry has been ordered to trace the person who made the hoax bomb call. The Air India flight was scheduled to reach it’s actual destination, Newark Liberty International Airport.

Individuals who make the hoax calls don’t realize the consequences they have to face. What would they gain from upsetting Passengers and Airline Staff with such mischievous acts?

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