Central Government Asks BSNL Not To Use Chinese Products


The violent face-off erupted in the Galwan Valley in the northern Ladakh state has led India to put Chinese products, machinery and equipment aside in any department they are possibly being used.The Union Telecom Ministry of India instructed the BSNL not to use the Chinese equipment for the 4G upgrade. The decision was taken by the Indian government in protest of China’s actions on the border.BSNL and MTNL, along with their respective departments, have suggested that they should make use of Make in India products as much as possible. Already there has been a massive campaign on social media to boycott the Chinese products.Recently, Indian intelligence officials have advised the central government to block 52 mobile applications which belong to China. If restricting the Apps is not possible, then the officials asked the government to advise the people not to use them.

Intelligence officials listed 52 other applications, including Zoom App, TikTok, UC Browser, Gender, ShareIt and CleanMaster.

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