Centre Says Current Parliament Complex Doesn’t Meet Safety Norms


The Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Centre, which earlier announced that the current Parliament complex has problems in regard to safety and space and came up with a plan to construct a new Parliament complex adjacent to the old building moved the Supreme Court.

The Central government filed a counter-petition before the apex court in regard to the new Parliament complex. In the petition, the Centre said, the existing Parliament complex is century old and has some safety issues.

The Centre told the Supreme Court the exiting Parliament complex was built in 1921 which is around 100 years old. In the current state, the complex cannot meet future needs as the count of Parliament members will be increased.

In response to the petitions filed to counter the Central Vista project, Centre showed its concerns about the fire safety in the existing building and said, the design plan of the complex is not up to the mark of current fire norms.