Corona Virus Suicide Mission: Take A Bow Doctors!


Heart-breaking Pictures of Family Members bidding farewell to the Medical Volunteers heading for Wuhan’s Coronovirus Ground Zero has been all over the Internet now. This is more like a Chernobyl-like suicide mission.

1986 Chernobyl nuclear reactor explosion was World’s worst nuclear accident. Soviet first responders entered into the Chernobyl nuclear reactor after it exploded. Now the Medics treating corona virus infected people are compared to this disaster which happened 33 years ago.

Medical Volunteers heading to treat the Coronavirus-infected people in Wuhan has been now on a suicide mission. While reacting to a video in which teary-eyed families bid farewell to the Volunteers who were boarding trains and buses, American Politician Solomon Yue wrote: ‘Like Chernobyl firefighters, Some of those Doctors and Nurses won’t come back to their loved ones. God bless them’.

A Video of a Chinese Doctor having a ‘last breakfast’ with his Wife, a nurse, before heading to Wuhan went viral.

People of China are furious about the failure of its Government to contain the spread of Corona Virus. So far, Not less than 170 people had died and over 7,800 others were infected. World Health Organization (WHO) declared health emergency in China describing corona virus as ‘zoonotic’.

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