Corrupt Officers Should Go, But What About Corrupt Politicians?


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it appears, is quite determined to root out corruption. He has told the officials that the corruption would not be tolerated. A directive has reportedly been issued to the heads of the Central Directorate and Central Vigilance Commission to weed out deadwood from the administration. The directive comes after Modi has compulsorily retired 12 top officials in the first strike and 15 more in the second strike. Lists of hundreds of such officers have been prepared. He has reportedly asked few honest officials to scan the conduct of every officer so that officials with doubtful record could be avoided in key posts.

He has also instructed his ministers not to appoint any official with questionable conduct or record as their secretaries.. There are specific instructions not to appoint anyone who has worked under UPA regime. This rule was not followed during the Atal Bihari Vajpayee regime and many of these officials have brought disrepute to the departments and ministers.

One only wonders how Modi, who wants such squeaky clean officials, has admitted the likes of Sujana Chowdary and CM Ramesh into his party?

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