Covid-19 Breakout Brings Air Pollution In China To Record Lows


We normally tend to skip the advises given by major number of environmental organisations to look into air pollution, water pollution issues, seriously.

Many even mock the scientists for trying to give sound advice to reduce the harmful effects due to pollution.

But Covid-19 breakout just showed how badly we have polluted air in our surroundings. While Covid-19 breakout is not desirable, for reducing air pollution in China, it indirectly helped immensely.

In fact, as the productivity in China reduced due to the virus break out, NO2 levels in big cities have come down to all-time lows.

NASA and ESA have released satellite pictures showing the same. Even scientists are completely shocked seeing such drastic change in air quality within a month.

May be now, people who deny air pollution and it effects, will understand how big it is affecting our lives. While we are trying to make our lives better each day we are also killing our home planet and ourselves, a little bit everyday.

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