Dear Vikram, We Won’t Challan You!


The Tweet of Nagpur City Police on ISRO spotting Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram lander on the surface of Moon went viral. Here it is: ‘Dear Vikram, Please respond. We are not going to challan you for breaking the signals! #VikramLanderFound #ISROSpotsVikram @isro #NagpurPolice’.

Indians loved the Tweet of Nagpur Police and made it trending. This Tweet arrived after ISRO declared Today that it did identify the location of Vikram lander on the lunar surface.

A Twitter User wrote to Nagpur Police, ‘Yes, indeed, Hopes of 133 crore Indians attached to #Vikram. It’s truly an exception. And YOUR tweet is EXCEPTIONAL!’.

Another User wrote, ‘That’s a real sweet one. Vikram you can’t break so many hearts, you would not even know how many shed tears for you’.

ISRO is trying to establish the connect with Vikram lander after the hard landing on the Moon surface. The good news is that Vikram lander remained like a single piece rather than breaking into pieces but its in a tilted position.

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