Diesel Costs More Than Petrol In India


The Diesel price reached Rs 79.88 per litre with the price increased for the 18th consecutive day. Diesel price was hiked by 48 paise today. With this for the first time, Diesel surpassed Petrol in terms of price. On the other hand, the Petrol price stood at Rs 79.76 with no hike in the price. In the last 18 days, the prices of Diesel and Petrol increased by Rs 10.48 and Rs 8.50 respectively.

In the year 2011, there used to be a difference of Rs 30 per litre between Diesel and Petrol. In a span of nine years, everything went upside down and Diesel became costlier than Diesel.

With the oil companies resuming the daily revisions in prices, fuel rates started increasing from the 7th of June. The present prices Diesel and Petrol reached a record price, which marked the highest price in two years.

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