DK Shivakumar welcomed with 250 kg apple garland


Agreed that Karnataka politicians are among the richest and Congress leader DK Sivakumara is the richest among the richest. So, when an arrested Sivakumara gets bail and is released from the jail, the welcome ceremony too should reflect his riches. So, when he was released on Sunday, his fans and supporters got a garland made of apples that weighed a whopping 250 kg. In fact, it was lifted up with the help of a crane to welcome DK Sivakumara. Not just that, all the VIPs, who came to greet Sivakumara were welcomed with garlands of apples.

Of course, there was the usual firecracker bursting all along the way. There was lusty cheers and gutsy dance to welcome the leader, who was arrested in money laundering case. Sweets were distributed among the fans and supporters. DK Sivakumara was released on bail from Tihar jail in Delhi and he reached Bengaluru on Sunday afternoon. He was taken to the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee’s office in a flower-decked vehicle.

Karnataka is known for variety of garlands offered to politicians. Sandalwood garlands and even garlands made of almonds are very popular in Karnataka politics. Costlier the spice used in making the garlands, the better it is for the leaders.

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