Don’t Hang Nirbhaya Convicts Until..: Delhi Court


The worst fears of Nirbhaya’s Parents, who kept fighting for justice since the past 7 years, has come true. Convicts willn’t be hanged on February 1st, 2020. A Delhi Court imposed a stay on the execution of the four convicts of 2012 Delhi Gangrape & Murder Case until further orders. Additional Sessions Judge Dharmender Rana at Patiala Court opined Convicts should be given the opportunity to try all the legal routes to challenge the execution.

Mercy Petition filed by Convict Vinay Sharma led to this sort of situation. Hanging won’t happen for 14 days even if President rejects it Today.

Lawyer AP Singh who is representing one the convicts informed that Delhi Court has dismissed the death warrant and hasn’t given new date for execution.Nirbhaya’s Mother was left heart-broken to witness the last-minute reprieve for the convicts. She told mediapersons how the Convict’s Lawyer challenged her in the court that there would be no hanging.

Convicts made good use of the legal system to delay their execution as much as possible using curative, review and mercy petitions. A new petition filed by Convict Pawan Gupta claiming to be a minor was dismissed by the Supreme Court Today. This is the second time in two weeks SC had dismissed his plea.

On December 16th, 2012, Six Men gang-raped Physiotherapy Intern in a moving bus in South Delhi. The victim died in a Singapore hospital. While one of the convicts committed suicide, A Minor got released after serving 3 years imprisonment. Convicts has been playing with the law as there won’t be execution for 14 days even if President of India rejects mercy petition. So, They are filing a fresh petition on the 13th day. Centre sought an amendment to the existing rules on January 22nd to prevent the misuse and the Supreme Court responded positively. A time limit has been suggested by the Government for the convicts to prevent delaying of death sentence endlessly.