Hope Kerala Elephant Died With Firecrackers Gets Justice


In a sheer shame to mankind, a pregnant elephant died after it was fed with a pineapple stuffed with firecrackers. The poor elephant that trusted the people who gave her pineapple had paid a huge price and lost her life.

Now the Kerala cops responded on this most barbaric incident and booked a case against some unidentified locals under the wildlife protection act who were irresponsible for the elephant’s death.

The sad incident took place in God’s Own Country Kerala where some unidentified locals have offered a firecracker laden pineapple which exploded in the elephant’s mouth causing her death.

The explosion of the firecrackers resulted in injuring the tongue and mouth so badly. The elephant walked around the village in blistering pain and entered the river and lost its life.

This incident resulted in a huge outrage with people from many sections raising their voice against people who were responsible for this. From Film Stars to Politicians to Sports Stars to norman people every one reacted to the sad incident and mourned its death.

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