Indian Origin Woman Becomes CEO Of Multi-Billion Dollar Company


Indians have been migrating to different parts of the world, right from 1980’s and 1990’s in a big way. Before that, even though there were people who migrated to different nations from India, they did not achieve big posts like what their next generation is being able to do.

Countries like US, UK, Canada are inviting the highly skilled people of color from various countries and they even started accepting them as their lawful citizens too.

Hence, we are witnessing Indian-Americans becoming Senators, People representatives and taking big positions in multi-billion dollar companies too.

Sonia Syngal got the post of CEO for Gap Inc, a leading apparel retailer company. The company revenues are calculated to be equal to 18 Billion USD.

Sonia migrated from India to Canada at an young age with her family and she then moved to USA. She has become the only Indian-American woman with a CEO post in a Fortune 500 company.

Indra Nooyi used to have that distinction before as she worked as PepsiCo CEO till 2018. Gap Inc has 3727 stores worldwide and it is ranked 186th on Fortune 500 companies list.

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