Is it Jagan Last Minute Self Goal?


Elections are at a sniffing distance and all the Political Parties are busy brainstorming on their Candidates. Jagan who looked confident all through out his marathon Padayatra seems to be suffering from last minute tension. There is a lot happening in YSR Congress Camp.

Jagan suddenly started admitting Leaders from other Parties. Some of the admitted leaders are taken just for the sake of hitting the Morale of Telugu Desam Party. Giving seats to such leaders at the expense of leaders who worked their asses off in the Opposition is cruel and will also dent the credibility of Jagan.

And there are some cases the leaders like Pandula Ravindra Babu and Dasari Jai Ramesh were admitted into the party promising some seats and Jagan is not in a position to give them now. If they come back to TDP, it will be a big blow for YSR Congress just before the elections.

The latest Self-Goal is that there are reports that Jagan is trying for an alliance with Janasena. If at all, Pawan Kalyan agrees YSR Congress will also have to accommodate the Communist Parties. This last-minute seat sharing is extremely dangerous and will defeat the total purpose. Jagan seems to be choking and it may prove to be futile.