It’s Preraks Vs Pracharaks In Congress Party


The Congress wants to change but Congress itself seems to be stopping the Congress from changing. While on one hand, it wants to adopt soft Hindutwa and the nationalist plant to rob BJP of the advantage, some sections still want to mire themselves in the Left liberal discourse. The latest instance of a tussle between these two sections was played out on Thursday, when the party held a meeting to chalk out a plan of action to revitalise the Congress Party.

At the meeting, Rahul Gandhi confidant and young gun Sachin Rao suggested that the party initiate a massive training programme and appoint preraks for the purpose. However, the section of seniors immediately nixed the idea saying prerak sounded like ‘Pracharak,’ which is an RSS term for motivators. These leaders felt that the Congress apparatus should not have any name which has any resemblance to the RSS jargon. There was some debate, but finally the idea was abandoned as Sonia Gandhi too sided with those who opposed the word Prerak.

The seniors felt that the Congress should not appear to be imitating the BJP and the RSS in any which way. But, in this process, is the Congress trying to cede its right to use such words? Will it not be counter-productive?

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