Its Time For Apple Credit Card


Apple is most likely to launch its new Credit Card in the first half of August 2019. Everything that’s required for the smooth functioning of Apple Credit Card was provided to the Customers in the recent iOS Update.

As per Bloomberg, Apple’s Retail Employees has been already using the Credit Card so as to find out if there are any issues.

Apple collaborated with Goldman Sachs for the issuance of Credit Cards in United States. While Apple ensures smooth user experience, Goldman Sachs handled the banking infrastructure.

How Apple Credit Card works? Sign Up from the Wallet App on iPhone…Use Apple Credit Card with Apple Pay. For Apple Credit Card, There is neither monthly fee nor foreign transaction fee. Customers can get 1% refund if they pay with Credit Card, 2% refund if paid through Apple Pay and 3% refund if the purchased item is an Apple Product.

There won’t be any card number on Apple Credit Card. Virtual Card Number in the Wallet App has to be used for payments on platforms that don’t support Apple Pay.

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