Jagan reprimanded for using unparliamentary words


jagan-commentsHYDERABAD: Andhra Pradesh Assembly Speaker Kodela Sivaprasada Rao today pulled up Leader of Opposition Y S Jaganmohan Reddy in the house as Reddy used a certain “unparliamentary” word in referring to the ruling Telugu Desam Party members.

The Speaker ruled that Jagan’s remark would not go on record.

As opposition leader you have to observe restrain and speak responsibly. You can’t use unparliamentary words. It is unbecoming of an opposition leader,” the Speaker told Jagan.

Reacting to YSR Congress leader’s remarks, TDP members rushed to the Well of the House raising strong objection.

Either you withdraw your words or I shall expunge them from the record. They will not go into the record,” the Speaker said.

The verbal duel took place during a short duration discussion on law and order issue in the Assembly.

The YSRC sought to blame the government for encouraging “political murders” in which at least 14 of its workers were “killed” in the last three months.

The discussion saw verbal exchanges between the ruling and the opposition members. As the YSRC dug into the past, referring in particular to a murder that happened decades

ago, the TDP hit back with equal vigour making Jagan the main target.

Reacting to the TDP’s attack, Jagan sought to claim innocence and in the process made a disparaging remark, drawing the Speaker’s ire.

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