Kamal’s Unexpected Reaction On IT Raids


Income Tax Raids have been happening across the nation ahead of the 2019 Elections. Mostly, Congress Leaders and those Political Parties who are associated with the National Party have been targeted. In Tamil Nadu, Main Opposition DMK is paying the price instead of Ruling AIADMK which maintains good relations with Delhi Rulers. Even people of Tamil Nadu aren’t okay with what’s happening and they suspect it could be politically motivated.

The reaction of Kamal Haasan on the I-T Raids in Tamil Nadu is surprising to say the least. He feels punishing those who looted people’s money is a necessity. He expressed the view that I-T Raids aren’t happening just before elections but in the past as well.

Responding on the Pre-Polls Surveys, Kamal found fault with Mediahouses & Agencies taking sides to favour political parties associated with them.

Is this a strategic move by Kamal Hassan to corner DMK which is expected to win around 30 MP Seats in the upcoming elections? Why didn’t he question lack of action on AIADMK Leaders who remained in power since the past 8 years? If DMK Leaders have so much illegal money, Imagine how much AIADMK Leaders could have earned so far? Still, Maintaining good relations at the national level works for them.

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