KCR Doing What Brahmananda Reddy Did 50 Years Ago


KCR is an out-and-out Telanganite while former CM K Brahmananda Reddy is an inveterate supporter of united AP. But, both these leaders did something that had a permanent effect on Telugu politics. To weaken the Telangana movement, the somnolent Majlis was brought out and was given respectability. In 1969, Brahmananda Reddy brought the party to life, gifted back its Darussalam office and made ensured that it wins at least one MLA seat. Now, KCR is doing the same thing. He has made MIM his best friend and pandered to MIM’s interests.

In the last assembly elections, MIM paid back by shifting Muslim votes to the TRS. Now, with 7 seats, MIM is the second largest party in Telangana assembly. As a result, for the first ever time, it got a cabinet rank by bagging the chairperson’s post of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC). Since the time of the Razakars, the MIM has got a cabinet rank for the first ever time. Asaduddin Owaisi’s close relative and TV baron Ahmed bin Balala has been made the PAC chairperson.

Interestingly, 51 years after it lost its power due to the Police Action in 1948, the Majlis is back into the portals of power. Now, it wants to ensure that it’s presence is felt all across the Telangana and it wants to win maximum number of seats in the elections to the municipalities and the corporations.

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