KCR Makes Shocking Comments On RTC!


The ruling TRS has won the Huzurnagar by-election with a majority of 43,624 votes. Telangana Chief Minister KCR celebrated the victory of Huzurnagar. After winning the Seat in Huzurnagar KCR held a press conference and made sensational comments on RTC.

With the strike, RTC has gone into huge losses. If we merge RTC in the Government, 57 other corporations are ready for the demand to merge in Government. The salaries of the RTC workers are raised by 67 percent earlier. The strike is misleading the workers, RTC is in Huge loss, after giving 900 crores every year by the government.

KCR questioned, How did private hire buses are making profits and why the government RTC buses are running in the losses. There is no money in the government to give to RTC as it is not only the priority. There are 2,600 buses to be changed, but we are not changing the buses because the RTC is not able to give the salaries.

If they consult the labor court, then we will pay the salaries by selling the buses, this is the end of the RTC, and we will make the decision in five days and with one cabinet meeting, with one sign we will permit to 7000 buses. Transport will be made available to the people at the lower charge than the RTC.

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