KCR’s Self Dismiss Theory


Whenever employees of an organisation offer a strike call, State Government would generally hold talks with the Unions to find a solution. Contrary to such practice, KCR dismissed over 48,000 RTC Employees who hadn’t joined duty by the end of deadline. He even refused the proposal of RTC Unions to hold further discussions.

During the review meeting, KCR maintained that Government needn’t have to dismiss the RTC Employees as they themselves opted for ‘Self Dismiss’. He didn’t even take the warning issued by RTC Unions about intensifying the protest seriously. CM instructed DGP to deploy special forces at the RTC Depots to prevent ruckus by the dismissed employees.

Interestingly, TRS Government hasn’t released any Government Order confirming dismissal of 48,000 RTC Employees. Only Press Notes were sent to the Media by the Chief Minister’s Office.

KCR created such a situation that Unions of other Government Organizations will be scared to offer a strike call in future. He is now making new Employees sign an agreement assuring they won’t be part of any Unions.

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